Current Themes

Moulin Rouge theme

Moulin Rouge

Come and take centre stage and razzle dazzle as a showgirl at our Moulin Rouge themed event. With Tulle, feathers, sparkles and corsets we allow you to take the spot light to perform in your own Parisian fantasy. Be as flamboyant as you want, perform high legs in high heels the only limit is your own imagination. Style Influences will be taken from Moulin rouge icons such as Nicole Kidman, Mistinguett and Dita Von Teese.

Futuristic theme


"To Boldly go where no one has gone before". - Star Trek. EME will stretch your idea of the future with this theme. Interpreting and combining 1960s space age aesthetics with full on glamour and fantasy. Think Star Wars meets The Fifth Element. You will feel like you have stepped into your favourite sci-fi movie. The only limit to this is your imagination. "We are an impossibility in an impossible universe". - Ray Bradbury.

Beauty unboxed theme

Beauty Unboxed

It is all about #Self Love, embracing diversity and challenging beauty perceptions. The this will allow you to embrace yourself fully and your personal idea of beauty in front of our camera lens. No matter a person’s age, gender, size, sexuality, race, religion or disability we are all beautiful and here at EME we want to capture that beauty, highlight and celebrate it. Freeing yourself of media beauty standards and literally stepping outside the box on our range of themed sets. "Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day". - Author unknown.

EME En Femme theme

EME En Femme

Our theme for the trans community. We felt a theme dedicated to trans people would allow us to give clients wishing to dress as women the specialised attention needed.
Included in this experience is dinner and visit to a cabaret, which will be a lovely opportunity to have fun alongside the other clients on the experience.
Our friendly, fun atmosphere and caring, skilled team will ensure this day is fabulous and becomes a cherished memory.
This experience is not just a makeover. It’s not going to be over. This is showing you the way to the beginning.’

Future Themes


Love & Light

Love and light theme


Eccentric theme

Glamorous Goth

Glamorous Goth theme
Brexit theme
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