Styling & coaching

Debi Jones - Model coach

Debi has been modelling on and off for over 30 years now. She started her career as a youngster and headed a campaign for a well-known hosiery company. Over the years, she has changed and developed her style, being known as diverse and almost chameleon like. She describes herself as quirky, not beautiful. After walking many catwalks and being involved in many photo shoots, some editorial and some for fun, she has now stepped back a little from being in front of the camera and is concentrating on helping and assisting young people who want to experience the world of creativity by stepping in front of the camera. She has trained models for walking the catwalk as well as helping them with safety tips, posing, model etiquette and giving general advice. Debi is thrilled to be a part of EME to help practice her belief that everyone can feel beautiful, because everyone has beauty… “I get a buzz looking at the smile on a person’s face when they see what they can achieve”.

Facebook: @dancindebimodeldel

Sarah Pearson - Model coach

Sarah has been involved in creative arts most of her life. She has a background in art and from that developed an interest in photography and modelling. She has worked with many great photographers, in various styles and type of shoot. Sarah also has a keen interest in writing and using the arts as therapy and escapism. An experienced teacher, Sarah’s combined skill set and warm personality bring vibrancy and ideas to the EME team.

Victoria Gugenheim- Makeup artist & stylist

Drawing before she could talk, starting makeup at age 6, progressing to face and bodypainting at 9, Victoria Gugenheim has always had an intense drive to create. Deeply studious and compulsively curious, it is this intense need to understand the world around us that fuels her desire to create beautiful works that provoke a reaction, and make people think. Her drive is to understand why we do what we do, and how we can become more than we are.
Fully committed to living her art, Victoria is not afraid of standing out in the crowd, and encourages others to raise their voices and be heard in a world which cherishes the average over the individual. She believes that only with the realisation of yourself and a willingness to connect with others without othering them, can humanity progress.
Her art ranges from bodypainting, makeup, photography, performances, installations, digital art, clothing design, drawing and painting, merging with science and technology. Never wanting to be limited, she sought out any media necessary to make a concept work- and it is this industriousness that has helped bring her current success.
Her clients have included Cirque le Soir, Nokia, London Fashion Week, Models of Diversity, Charlotte Church, Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear, Girls Roc and The World Bodypainting Festival among many others, as well as private commissions that are undertaken with great care, attention to detail and patience. She uses bodypainting as a way of empowering the human spirit, giving the person painted a new-found confidence that can be life altering.