Four years development and eight months of planning, the creative works of K Anthony and his team sees the beginning of a whole new way for women and men to immortalise a unique representation of themselves.

The Extreme Modelling Experience offers a unique opportunity for anybody to take part in a creative art project series over the course of a whole day (lunch & refreshments included of course). With striking makeup, imaginative sets and a thrilling atmosphere, the event is so much more than a photo shoot. 

The venues are chosen based on the theme of the planned shoot. London based for the moment with eyes on other picturesque cities around the country later in 2018.

The package includes a private viewing of the images and ‘Behind The Scenes’ video as well as shortlisting for the annual EME public exhibition.

‘Extreme Modelling Experience’ was devised in March of 2013 by K Anthony Photography. With a mere six years in the business, photographing events, portraits and fine art, he has always sought to approach photography differently. His exhibitions in London, Cannes, Barcelona and even Croydon reflect this. Working with professional stylists, designers and makeup artists, he has managed to create something unique in its approach, its delivery and its outcomes.

In a world where image is everything, EME sets out to prove that we all have beauty, and we look beautiful, from the inside out!

The creative team were featured on BBC Radio London on the 9th April, 10:30pm (recording available upon request).

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You could and should be that model, creating art and being immortalised.

Enough with reality TV.

Make your own reality with us

and BE that model, for real!

THE unforgettable experience.

The Unique modelling Experience

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