Photographers etc.

Daniela Fleckenstein - Photographer

Daniela graduated  in 2006 and though for the last 15 years her preferred medium has been Photography, she also has a track record in painting and a long list of exhibitions showing her Art in the UK and abroad. This has informed her way of seeing and her sense of creating images with impact, always with a hint of her passion for paintings, communicating a story and content a little beyond the surface of the images itself. Teamed with her experience as an outreach development worker as well as a career in life coaching, Daniela returned to her Passion of Photography helping people to shine at their best and to capture that in a Picture with clear Purpose. Daniela works regularly as a supporting artist for TV & Film, as well as in Costume for theatre and other creative productions and assisting roles in the creative Industry. Daniela is based with her own studio in Beckenham nestled in an artist community and surrounded by acres of scenic nature supporting her practice and convictions. Utilising her passion for the expression and creative story telling; a little beyond the surface of an image, Daniela lends her talents and skills to EME to create not only a wholesome and unforgettable experience but an Art piece you are invited to become part of with all that you have to share - and a little more.

Hamza Iqbal - Videographer

K Anthony - Photographer

K Anthony has been inspired by the arts since childhood, initially through acting. However, It wasn't until 1997 through photography that he found a means of expressing his view of the world, in all its splendour, beauty, oddities and contradictions. K Anthony's passion is fine art photography. Creating and capturing the beauty of life, living and being. His works vary considerably, apparently a reflection of his many mind states!

The creation of EME came after a successful group shoot and the desire to share the excitement and creativity. A lot of fine tuning and finding the right people to work with has brought him to this point where the dream is now reality, for which he is proud and grateful.

Sammaia Sharif - Videographer