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Bookings are made online, and confrimed with a deposit of usually £150.

You'll receive a confirmation email and be asked for a basic picture of yourself for our stylists to make a start on developing your unique look for the shoot.

One of our stylists will contact you to discuss your outfit. Plus, we will also want to know of any props or clothing (including fancy dress) you'd like incorporated into your look.

The time and meeting point of the shoot occasionally varies, depending on location and theme. This and any other relevant information will be relayed to you before the event.

The balance payment must be made ONE WEEK before the date of the shoot and a model release form signed upon arrival. After which the Experience begins!

The experience includes a sit down lunch, during which time to can discuss ideas and looks with the crew you'll be lunching with, or just have fun.

At the end of the EME shoot, there is always time for some additional socialising​. You will not be allowed to make any purchases and no photographs will be made available. (We take our time with the processing).

You will be contacted by email, (within two weeks of your experience) giving you details of YOUR private exhibition where you can view the photographs and video from the shoot and place an order for prints.

The exhibition will be held in a small venue for private viewing. An opportunity to see your fellow models and the crew again to share memories of the Experience and admire the art you've helped create.