The six hour experience, include lunch and refreshment. and when the camera's down, the glasses can come up!

You also get four 10" X 8" prints for your £295. Some specialist themes may cost more.

If you feel this price is in any way high. Well don't! We've checked. There's nothing comparable, in price, content or service. And that is a fact!

For groups of 5 or more, there is a 10% discount.

For private groups of 8 to 12, you'll receive a free bespoke consultation for your group's exclusive experience.

And... Don't forget the private exhibition 2 weeks after the event for your friends and family to see your work.

​7" X 5" 

10" X 8"   


16" X 12"

24" X 16"

30" X 20" canvas

Tableau canvas







£375 (½ RRP)


Many other print sizes and formats are available as well as prints onto different media.