Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which isn’t answered here, or you just want to chat to one of the team, you can always call us on 07901 090 401.

​Q) How long does the photo shoot last?
A) Your day will last approximately 6-7 hours. This however may change, depending on the nature and theme of the shoot as we will take advantage of every photographic opportunity for the sake of art! The event includes professional makeup, hair styling and dressing. All of this beofre the tableaux shoot and portraits shots. THERE IS NO VIEWING SESSION OR PRESSURE TO ORDER PRINTS ON THE DAY.

​Q) Do I need to bring anything?
A) After you make your booking you will be sent details on what you need to bring. The theme will dictate what is required of you. However, we will provide clothing and makeup. special requiremements will be discussed beforehand.
We also suggest you get creative yourself. Bring the most impressive outfits and accessories you have access to and we will  make them work as part of the shoot.
You can always give us a call to run your ideas through with one of the team.

​Q) Can I attend as part of a group?
A) Yes, of course you can have photos with friends/family. However, we can only accommodate groups of up to 12 people, and for an exclusive event, the smallest size is 8. Please contact us to see how we may best accommodate your group. You will need to ensure that the appropriate number of people have purchased the ‘Extreme Modelling Experience’.

We choose from a range of styles and themes suitable for the group, irrespective of age or gender. Children under the age of 16 can only be invited as part of an exclusive group booking. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

​​Q) Do I wear make-up t​o the studio before my photo shoot?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A) We recommend you not to wear any make-up or keep it very minimal. When you arrive at the event our makeup artist will be applying professional makeup. We also recommend you not to put any product on your hair and to wash 1 day before. Your hair will be dry-styled only (you don’t need to worry about it being cut).

​Q) Will I receive help in posing in front of camera?
A) One of the reasons the EME was set up is to create visual art using REAL people. Therefore our shoots are designed and directed with that in mind. It is an  opportunity to be a model for a day and a part of an artistic creation. As a result, we have hand-picked a team of professionals who are skilled at making everyone feel comfortable on set. They will direct you on how to pose, from the kind of expression you give to how to get into character for the shots.

​Q) I am allergic to some cosmetics. Can I bring my own?
A) Yes, absolutely. We strongly advise you to bring your own make-up and skincare products if you feel you may suffer an allergic reaction to other cosmetics.
Our make-up artists only use hypo-allergenic products where possible and products include MAC, Benefit, Make-up Forever, Kryolan and Paris Berlin. If you have conerncs, we encourage you to contact us to speak to a specialist.

​Q) How long does it take to receive photos?
A) All the images selected from the shoot will be available to view at the private exhibition, approximately TWO weeks after the event. you will also be able to purchase prints via an online secure album.

Q) How much do photos cost?
A) The package includes FOUR 10" X 8" prints, valued at £120. Additional prints in a variety of sizes are also available a comparatively inexpensive rates. (e.g. 7” X 5” - £10. 8" X 10" - £30. 16" X 12" - £70). Feel free to compare our prices. You’ll see that they’re VERY competitive.

The Tableau images will be availabele to clients at half the retail price, in advance of them going on display publicly.

​Q) Can I bring a companion to the shoot?
A) A chaparone is required for people under 18yrs old. Otherwise ONE companion is allowed by special arrangement. It is however perfectly fine to be collected from the venue after the shoot. Your companion is welcome to join us for a drink at the end of the event.

​Q) Can I buy a disc of my images as well as prints?
A) You have a choice of the format of your final images. You can receive your images on non-printable CD-ROM or as prints. Printed images come in various sizes and can be placed in frames or albums. Behind the scenes shots will be available on disc or for download in low-resolution (ideal for social media). Discs come complete with copyright of your beautiful images and/ or video for you to treasure forever.


Q) Can I bring fancy dress outfits with me?

A) Yes, of course. In fact we encourage it! Everyone’s unique style will be taken advantage of to make the Extreme Experience all the more entertaining and visually stimulating. Our photographers and stylists are full of ideas on how you can look amazing on set so you can be as creative as you dare. Contact us to discuss our ideal look.

Q) What is a tableaux?

A) The term was first used in the eighteenth century by French philosopher Denis Diderot to describe paintings with this type of composition. Tableau paintings were natural and true to life, and had the effect of walling off the observer from the drama taking place, transfixing the viewer like never before.

Each of our themes represent a subject and with each event, we create a story which the image will portray. All models will have a character to play. You will be coached on how best to personify your part in the story.